Highland Game is launching a new book on Monday the 7th of November, all about Roe Deer.

'7 days in Scotland' portrays the trail from forest to fork, taking the reader through the whole trail - the experience of nature in the habitat of Roe Deer combined with recipes for mouth watering Roe Deer dishes.

The book visualises the appreciation, experience and respect of nature through the deer stalker's perspective and communicates that to the reader.

Roe Deer meat is the most tender and fine meat of all meats with almost a sweet taste. This sublime local Scottish produce deserves attention and focus. '7 days in Scotland' presents the sourcing and eating experience, from forest to fork, to the consumer as a natural alternative to other more traditional meat options.

'7 Days in Scotland' has combined stunning nature photography with inspiring food, making the book a connection between the countryside, the deer stalker and the reader/consumer.

Highland Game is bringing nature and wilderness to your coffee table and irresistible tempting recipes to your kitchen. All in one. “7 Days in Scotland” makes a brilliant gift for every countryside and food lover.