Carpaccio of Venison | Daphne Grimm

Carpaccio of Venison

11/2 lbs fillet of venison
6 fluid oz tawny port
5 fluid oz burgundy
2 fluid oz virgin olive oil
11/4 oz sea salt
1 oz granulated sugar
11/2 oz mixed peppercorns
11/2 oz cloves
Bunch of fresh dill
Bunch of chives

Trim venison of fat and sinews. Lay in foil in a deep dish. Miz all ingredients for the marinade and pour over the venison, then wrap up, securing the edges tightly. Place in refrigerator and leave for 11/2- 3 days turning occasionally.

“Daphne Grimm has been the shooting lodge cook at Invermark for nearly 40 years and, although now partly retired, is a hero to many of the regulars.”

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