The Scottish Venison Association (SVA), formerly the Scottish Venison Partnership, brings together private and public sector, wild and farmed venison producer and venison processor interests. 

The Association was formed at the Annual General Meeting of the Scottish Venison Partnership at Birnam on 25 April 2019.

The Association is a not-for-profit body.

The Venison Industry Leadership Group (VILG) is integral to the Association.

The principle aim of the Association is to bring the separate strands of the Scottish venison sector together to build and secure ‘Scottish Venison’ as a core-value brand. More specifically the Association’s aims and objectives are:

  • to oversee delivery of the Scottish Venison strategy, Beyond the Glen.
  • to increase consumer and market demand for Scottish venison both at a local and national level.
  • to promote co-operation, good practice, efficiency and food safety across the industry, building confidence in the brand and ensuring continuing demand.
  • to recognise the contribution of Scottish venison to existing and new sustainable rural development opportunities.
  • to explore and develop new opportunities to secure the future supply of venison.
  • to liaise with Scottish, UK and European Governments, and their respective departments and agencies, regarding Scottish venison issues.
  • to coordinate and communicate sector views and developments both internally and externally.

The structure of SVA is shown on this diagram.

SVA does not give professional advice.

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